20 Incredible Facts About Email Marketing

  1. For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment (Experian).
  2. Study by McKinsey & Company reports that emails prove to be 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined.
  3. Subject lines fewer than 10 characters long boasted an open rate of 58% (Adestra).
  4. 91% of consumers check their email at least once a day.
  5. 56% of businesses say they plan to increase their use of email marketing in 2014.
  6. Email is the most popular activity on smartphones among users ages 18-44.
  7. 66% of US online consumers, ages 15 and up made a purchase as a result of email marketing messages.
  8. Sending 4 emails/month instead of 1 significantly increases the number of consumers opening more than one email.
  9. The average attention span in 2013 was 8 seconds. in 2000 it was 12 seconds. The average attention span of a gold fish is 9 seconds. (National Center for Biotechnology Information)
  10. On average, subscribers receive 416 commercial messages a month (Return Path).
  11. Purpose of email marketing programs according to UK brand marketers? 78% said retention.
  12. 64% of decision-makers read their email via mobile devices (TopRankBlog).
  13. 70% say they always open emails from their favorite companies.
  14. 43% of all emails are now being opened via a mobile device (Return Path).
  15. More people read emails that deal with their finances and travel than any other category (Return Path).
  16. 33% of email recipients open emails based solely on the subject line.
  17. Emails containing social sharing buttons have 158% higher CTR.
  18. 72% of B2B buyers are very likely to share useful information via email.
  19. Monday emails had the highest revenue per email (Experian).
  20. There are 3.6 billion email accounts in 2013. By 2016, the number will reach 4.3 billion (The Radicati Group).

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