4 Ways to Kill Your E-mail Marketing Campaign

1. Make it real difficult to unsubscribe

Making it hard to unsubscribe is a great way of earning a bad online reputation. In essence, it is a violation of the reader’s rights.

You may think that allowing your readers to opt out is strange. However, not doing so is like forcing them to read your email at gun point. Great work.

2. Fill it with Useless or Misleading Content

Nothing kills interest faster than finding that much-hyped ‘valuable info’ or download is irrelevant or just plain useless. You should ensure that your content delivers on value.

Any downloads should reward the reader for his time and effort with relevant content, not an annoying self-advertisement.

Oh, and remember, any email filled with grammar and spelling errors is a deal-breaker.

3. Resend One Email Again, and Again, and AGAIN…

This goes without saying. Never, ever do that…very illegal in the world of E-mail marketing.

It is also the fastest way to have a large number people click ‘unsubscribe.’

4. The more, the merrier!

Using a large number of IP addresses when sending out emails to large lists used to be a great practice, but is not anymore. This approach is now popular among spammers.

It is better to build trust by consistently sending out emails from one or two IP addresses.

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