About Us

strut marketingStrut Marketing is a dynamic Digital Marketing company that brings online marketing to the next level.  We have a highly experienced Digital Marketing team that draws its strength from a diverse mix of media professionals, whose expertise spans both the traditional and electronic media as well as experience in both local and international markets.

We offer exceptional consultancy services to our various clientele by leading their online digital marketing activity while at the same time acting as a trusted adviser and enabler for the client on digital related issues. Due to our expertise, we are able to identify possible digital opportunities for the client including communication, acquisition, tracking and monitoring in all digital areas such as mobile, search, social etc.

Strut Marketing EA success in the digital marketing field is based on our strong commitment to ensure that each media campaign is tailored to meet and exceed our clients stated goals and expectations through the crafting of a very cost effective digital communication strategy across the clients products and services portfolio as well as leading the digital master plan.

We pride ourselves in having the ability to tune into both the internal and external world of our client’s businesses and forming deep partnerships and long term relationships with them while at the same time recommending effective ROI measurements on all digital opportunities, especially facilitating the client to use digital to enhance customer engagement and drive business outcomes.

At Strut Marketing we have an effective digital strategy that will help you take the right decisions to make your company successful online.  Our strategy process model provides a framework that gives a logical sequence to follow to ensure inclusion of all key activities of strategy development and implementation. We at Strut Marketing look forward to offering you our exceptional services and help contribute to your Companies Success.

Our Mission

To provide and deliver effective Digital Marketing solutions to a wide range of clients in various competitive industries

Our Vision

To be the leading Digital Marketing agency in the Sub-Saharan Africa region

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