Buying e-mail List? Do’s and Dont’s and mistakes to avoid

By Sudheer Kiran


  1. Reputable Data Vendors

Do your research and find a reputable list vendor for your e-mail list needs. Don’t just jump for more contacts or for cheap prices. If saving few dollars can tempt you then you’ll end up buying crap and then you’ll get crap out of it.

  1. Get a custom list rather than a pre-packaged list

Never buy a pre-packaged list which was already built and kept for a while. Always opt for real-time list building services. And, be specific with your selections like geography, demographics and other targeted titles.

  1. Clean your list

No one can guarantee your contacts will be the same from the day you bought it. Companies might close, positions may change, and people might leave. So, you need to clean your list at least once in a quarter.

  1. Segment Your List

Do segment your list based on geography, gender or position. This is up to you to choose on what parameters you want to segment your list based on the nature of your business. For B2C businesses, I recommend geographic segmentation and run the campaign at the right time. For B2B businesses, I recommend demographic segmentation and run different campaigns for different selections.

  1. Sender Authentication

Choose the right service provider to send your e-mail campaign. Most of the email marketing service providers do not accept any third-party data to do the campaigns using their servers. I recommend to do it from your own servers which are not blacklisted anywhere.

  1. Subject Line and Body of your email

Subject line and body of your email plays a vital role for any e-mail marketing campaigns. Do follow the email marketing best practices and avoid spam words from subject lines and body of your email.

  1. A/B Testing

Test your campaigns multiple times with internal teams or with a specific geography and choose the best version to do the final e-mail blast.

  1. Time of Sending

The time of sending an e-mail also impacts the performance of your marketing campaign. So, be specific and send your campaigns at the right time to the right audience.



  1. DON’T purchase generic email aliases

Never buy any generic email addresses like g-mail, yahoo, aol, etc; They always end up reaching wrong persons. Always ask for business email addresses to reach the right person.

  1. DON’T rent an e-mail list

Renting an e-mail list is not always a bad idea, but you need to compromise for the quality of your list. You will not be having total control on your list and different companies can use the same list.

  1. DON’T buy a pre-packaged list

Pre-packaged list is a list which was already built and kept for a while. Here also you need to compromise for the quality and deliverability of the list. I only recommend for pre-packaged list if you don’t have enough time and you’re really in a hurry to do the campaign.

  1. DON’T purchase lists too often

Purchasing e-mail lists very often will have an effect on the reputation of your brand. Invest on other marketing channels like SEO, PPC, Social Media and start building your brand value and try to expand the reach of your business.

  1. DON’T overestimate the performance of a purchased list

Purchasing an e-mail list for your marketing campaigns is the quickest and easiest way to reach your targeted prospects. Don’t overestimate the performance of a purchased e-mail list because your contacts don’t know who you’re with your first marketing message.

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