How to Pimp Out Your Facebook Ads for Maximum Conversions

  1. Target the right clients

It doesn’t matter how amazing your Facebook ads are. If the right people are not seeing them, they will not convert. Period.

  1. Optimize the visuals and copy of your ad

There are a few key steps to remember whenever you are creating ads on any platform.

  • Be interesting– The worst thing you can do whenever you are creating an ad is to be generic. It doesn’t matter whether you are sparking controversy or being a little bit edgy as long as people remember you.
  • Spark emotionThe next important thing to remember when you are creating your Facebook ads is that people are emotional creatures, not logical ones.
    • Instead of focusing on data and logistics, focus on emotion.
    • Tell people about the benefits they are going to receive.
    • Tell them about how your product or service will change their lives.
    • Find the pain point they are struggling with, and press on it until they are willing to fork out the money to buy whatever you are selling.
  • Master color psychology- Due to evolutionary psychology, people associate certain colors with certain emotions. Do some research into how different colors affect the human brain, and use that knowledge to make the human brain work for you instead of against you.
  1. Create a valuable and compelling lead magnet

When you are crafting a lead magnet, the goal is to “bribe” your potential customers, offering them something of value in exchange for their emails or some other contact method.

This will allow you to build up a huge list of leads who are interested in buying your product or service in the future.

The biggest key to remember whenever you are crafting your lead magnet is that this is the first “sample” of your work your leads are receiving.

  1. Create a killer landing page

Your landing page is the difference between a Facebook ad that generates thousands of clicks and a Facebook ad that generates thousands of sales.

Creating a landing page that converts is not easy. But it is essential to Facebook ad mastery. Besides, nothing good ever comes easy, right?

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