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By eMarketer.

search marketing

Investment in search is expected to increase: eMarketer estimates $17.6 billion will be spent on search this year, a number that will rise to $24.5 billion by 2016, with mobile search advertising accounting for an ever-larger share.

One distinct challenge facing marketers in this area is ensuring that their search and display advertising efforts are complementing each other. Search and display bring distinct strengths to the marketing table and typically complement each other. Too often, siloed groups within companies buy and measure the two interactive ad formats separately. Tools for integrating display and search into holistic campaigns, such as attribution modeling, offer marketers detailed pictures of their work, which can yield more efficient and effective results.

In some ways, search’s tantalizingly precise metrics have actually turned into a stumbling block for marketers. Most conversions occur as the result of long-term, complex interactions among a variety of ads and marketing channels. In place of a simplistic, single-step concept of conversion, marketers do better when they analyze how display advertising fully affects search, and vice versa. Attribution modeling is a system that offers deeper visibility into the overall effects of an ad campaign by assigning various levels of influence (often called weights) to all marketing events that drive customers to convert. By discovering which ad formats contribute to a campaign’s overall effectiveness, and in what ways, marketers can also avoid silo isolation, better focus on clear and defined goals, and improve planning for future campaigns.


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