Website Design and Development

Your website serves as the online window to your business. Strut Marketing’s Search Marketing Campaigns effectively drive customers to your website, but driving traffic is only one piece of the puzzle. When potential customers arrive, your website should invite them in and keep them there.

Whether you are looking for the most cutting edge design or believe simplicity is key, Strut Marketing knows that web pages should be polished, easy-to-navigate and tell a marketing story that your potential clients will easily understand.

In today’s competitive online marketplace, the best investment you can make is developing a well-thought-out and well-executed web strategy. The look and feel of your site can directly impact the end results of your programs.

Strut Marketing consults with you to find out what website development strategy is right for your business. Our staff of experienced web developers welcomes the challenge of getting to know your business and devising the best plan for your needs.

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