Why you’re doing social marketing wrong

By Rob Roy,
Let’s be honest with each other, most brands (maybe even you) aren’t engaging on social platforms in the right way. Too many brands have found their way to a social fail. Social platforms give you EASY, INSTANT and CHEAP access to millions of potential and current customers. With your barrier to entry being so low – everyone assumes they should just jump in and start swimming. WRONG…that is where brands get in trouble.
Done right, social marketing can be a game changer – engaging potential customers and current customers in a way we have never seen before. The issue is that brands jump in without a clear plan or having done any homework and just assume it will work.

Here are the top 3 things you need to avoid to get Social Marketing right:
1) You don’t have a plan
Are you assuming you can just get an account/create a brand page and just start posting? That should be the last thing you do. Would you do that with your search or display spend? So why would you do that with your social marketing?
The first thing you should do is take a deep breath and figure out what it is you want to do. What does your social roadmap look like? What are your goals? What are your challenges? What are your competitors doing? From there you build a repository of content to fit those needs and develop a calendar of when you will post. Pro Tip – post regularly, if you allow your profile to run dry your followers will stop checking in.

2) You’re not posting in real-time
This shouldn’t be a surprise but social media never turns off. Users connecting instantaneously with one another and with brands is a double edged sword. When you develop your content calendar (see #1) allow for flexibility, if you just post when the calendar says so – then you are missing out on what makes social media/marketing great. You will build a lot more equity with your followers if you are proactive and flexible in your posting. See what is trending, see what they are saying and ensure that you react quickly. Don’t let a customer post go unread for days. Other customers will see that and perceive it as a brands lack of caring.


3) You’re not listening
A brand that spends all of it’s time “spamming” its followers with ads and sales is completely missing the point of connecting with its customers. Social Marketing is a way to gain Brand Equity for when its time for that customer to make a purchase. Make sure you are listening to what they are saying about your brand and your products and respond to them. Make sure you answer their questions or criticism. Last but not least – thank people for engaging with you.

With great power comes great responsibility – Social platforms have given brands unprecedented access to their customers. With a great plan, a dedicated team and a genuine want to engage and start conversations you can leverage this power to drive great brand awareness and affinity.

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